Georgia Jagger

There are lots of things that interest us at any given moment (like homemade marshmallows or Alexander Wang's fall bag collection), but one thing we're consistently curious about is the process of what happens when musicians marry models. Call us crazy, but it seems to inevitably result in two things: dramatic divorce and beautiful children with big personalities and amazing style, though not necessarily in that order. To feed our fascination with this phenomenon, we naturally keep tabs on Mick Jagger's offspring (all seven of them), in particular, the four kids he had with the stunning supermodel, Jerry Hall. Of those siblings, we've been most intrigued by the youngest girl and subject of today's story-Georgia May Jagger.

Having inherited her parents' best physical features-her father's lips and mum's blonde locks (Georgia's endearing Lauren Hutton-like smile comes as an added bonus)-Jagger caught the attention of London's esteemed Independent Talent Agency (they rep Alexa Chung and Lily Allen) earlier this year. Since signing with them, she has already appeared in the British fashion and art magazine Dazed & Confused and was featured in the launch campaign for Uniqlos' Oxford Street flagship store. While we are intrigued by young Jagger's unfolding potential and recognise that she will surely make waves in the modelling world, her preternatural personal style is what won our affections.

Compare Jagger to her stateside peers and you'll find that most pale in comparison to her developed sense of colour and artistic flair. She dolls up with a dexterity that is wise beyond her years and puts the Disney stars of this world to shame. Jagger tends to select interesting and vibrant dresses that flatter her shape and has a real gift for sleuthing out (and wearing) exceptional shoes. Not to mention, how many high school juniors can combine a blue body-conscious dress and bright aqua heels with such staggering cool results? Further cementing her fashion sense, Jagger demonstrates an ability to get her accessories just right (and for every outfit too!). Already ahead of the fall trends with her black lace tights, we also love her thoughtfully chosen orange statement necklaces and black satin headband in the outfits above. In the fashion world, true stylesetters only come around every so often, and we are certain that this one will continue to blossom as a significant muse for her generation. -Jessica Amento

Event Pictures, from left
Sex and the City premiere, London
Vogue Launch Party, London
The Rolling Stones After Show Party, London
Flashbacks of a Fool premiere, London
Shine a Light premiere, London

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