All the Stores to Shop in NYC If You're a Gossip Girl Fan


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Much to our dismay, Gossip Girl ended almost five years ago, but much to our delight, the characters' memorable fashion choices live on. You could even say that fashion and NYC were unofficial cast members—hence the subject of this story. Thanks to the pack of ultra-stylish wealthy socialites featured on the series, New York City's illustrious retail scene was utilized to the fullest over the span of the show's five-year history, with many scenes using some of the city's most famous stores for its on-location shoots.

For the sake of nostalgia, we're taking a trip down memory lane (also known as Fifth Avenue) and have compiled some of the most noteworthy Gossip Girl shopping destinations where Serena, Blair, and the rest of the GG gang were regulars. Read on to join us and shop our picks from each location. (And don't worry, they're much more 2017-approved than 2007-approved.)