I Only Wear Gold Jewellery—These Are My Favourite Brands Right Now

It might seem counter-intuitive that people have invested in jewellery during the pandemic. But that's exactly what has happened. Along with beauty products, sweatpants, and slippers, sales of jewellery have increased. Okay, I've never worked in fashion during a pandemic, but I can see exactly why we've been more ready to buy jewellery than before—it's a small luxury that makes us feel more like ourselves on a daily basis. Because when you can't get excited about wearing your favourite dress, your neck, ears, hands, and wrists become the places to show off something you love.

Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear buying at MatchesFashion, revealed during the S/S 2021 trend report that the retailer has seen an increase in jewellery, "as more people are working from home and holding meetings via video." Similarly, Net-a-Porter has seen an increase in sales around heritage jewellery items. Jewellery, in general, was big in 2020, and it had some big cultural moments that piqued the public's interest. From Michelle Obama's gold vote necklace to Harry Styles's pearls and Connell Waldron's chain, jewellery has infiltrated our minds this year. 

Personally, I've been wearing a lot of gold jewellery, mostly in the form of layered necklaces, chunky chains, and big earrings. I've spotted plenty of influencers who have done the same, and it all adds a little something extra to their outfits, even when they're wearing super-simple ensembles. If you're looking to add a final touch of polish to your WFH looks, then keep scrolling to see how stylish women on Instagram are wearing theirs and all the jewellery brands I love and have on my wish list. 

gold jewellery: amy lefevre wearing gold earrings and gold necklaces



Style Notes: If you have several piercings in your ears, try increasing sizes of earrings. 

Style Notes: Love your chunky chains and pendants? Who says they can't be worn together. 

Style Notes: Sometimes, all you need is a pair of chunky gold earrings. 

gold jewellery: delicate gold necklaces paired with a square neck top



Style Notes: Delicate gold necklaces are ideal for adding immediate polish. 

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