The Affordable Classic That's Suddenly Trending All Over Social Media

The pinning action behind the most simple outfit add-on has shot up by 74% on Pinterest UK in the past six months. So what is this mysterious accessory? Well, fashionable girls everywhere are currently obsessed with gold hoop earrings. From bog-standard basics to complex architectural creations, no outfit can be considered complete without a pair these days.

So gold hoops are nothing new, we are more than aware of that. However, certain styles have risen to iconic status (like Anissa Kermiche Panniers Earrings, J.W.Anderson Double-Sphere Gold Hoops or Charlotte Chesnais Saturn Hoops) and every well-dressed girl we know has a set she relies upon almost daily. You've probably seen the three aforementioned styles hosting excellent ear parties across Instagram and perhaps not even realised just how much of a retail power they hold. Gold hoop earrings sell out time and time again.

Before you think this is a trend that has just jumped out of your bank account's realm, think again. There are literally hundreds of pairs of gold hoops that are passable as designer and will only set you back a tenner or so. Me personally? I've inherited a very old pair from my mum that look like golden bamboo—I shall pretend they are Gucci. But otherwise I'm heading to Mango. 

Pinterest UK has also told us that the gold hoop earring boom can be divided into a few different micro-trends, namely floral detailing, Art Deco–inspired shapes, mini hoops, heart outlines and hoops with dangling charms. So we've chosen our favourite for each gold hoop category (plus more), and you can shop them below.

Welcome to the holy grail of gold jewellery.

Definitely put your hair up for these.

These look so expensive once you put them on.

This particular pair has been all over Pinterest—and they're still available.

Just one earring is required for this season's big jewellery trend.

Now it's time for some model-off-duty style.

Opening Images: Fashion Me Now