It's Official: The Going-Out Top Is Back

We often look to the A-list to gives us outfit inspiration, particularly when it's for a big event we're attending. Most of the time, we're taking tips for the kind of dress, skirt, or smart black trousers to wear. But there's one outfit combo we've noticed a slew of celebs wearing, which we'd never think to wear on a night out, and that's the classic old-school ensemble of a going-out top and jeans.

Now, if you were anything like us in your teen years, the 'going-out top' was the most important part of your outfit. It was the thing you needed to make an impression on that highly anticipated Friday night. It was more important than your bag, shoes, and accessories put together. Not only that, you'd spend entire days shopping for the ultimate new one that was to be replaced by another the following weekend. We were fickle like that, you see. Every time, however, the outfit would always remain the same: going-out top + jeans + heels (probably kitten. Hey, it was the early '00s).

As we already mentioned, we've spotted that A-list celebrities are bringing back this trend, with the likes of Karlie Kloss, Kim Kardashian West, and Jennifer Lawrence all wearing the standout item for red carpet events, fashion shows, and concerts. Keep scrolling to see who's wearing the going-out top trend and where to shop our favourites right now.