The Beachwaver

Celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa's Beachwaver Rotator Curling Iron ($199) is the kind of thing that, once you use it, you wonder, "Why hasn't this existed until now?" The styling tool, which looks like a curling iron with a super short clamp, makes it possible to get professional-grade curls even if you're all thumbs. Clip a section of your hair onto the bottom of the iron and, depending on which side of your head you're working on, click either L or R (for left or right, respectively), then hit Go. The iron turns on its own until you release the button and then the clamp. Depending on what you do next--spritz on your favourite surf spray, brush out the curls, comb in a pomade--you're left with anything from Ava Gardner-like curls to Penelope Cruz-worthy waves.

After a group styling session on the morning it landed in our office, Who What Wear was full of bouncy, voluminous hair--and we'd probably spent a cumulative ten minutes in front of the mirror. So if you're thinking, "It can't possibly be that easy," we'd bet our Beachwaver on it.