Bright Tights

Last fall we got rather attached to tights, to put it mildly. We were so dedicated that when spring rolled around, well, bare legs made us feel uncomfortably nude. If you too suffer from modest legs, you'll be delighted to know that tights are back this season in a big, bold way.

While our opaque black tights (grey too!) will still be clutch when temperatures cool down, now is the time to buy bright tights. Early adapters Kylie Minogue and Kim Stewart have recently sported this style, choosing the WWWD approved colours hot pink and turquoise (we also like bright yellow and purples). Both went for the "safe" approach by wearing their shocking stockings with all-black outfits. We mean no disrespect, of course, as this is a great way for newbies to try the look.

If you'd like to be a little more daring, take some cues from the fall runways. One option is a mod-inspired monochromatic look (like at Pucci). For the truly bold, wear a pair with either a pattern (like at Moschino) or graphic print (like at Balenciaga). The unexpected pop of colour is the perfectly refreshing.

The best thing about this Go Buy Now is that it's both easily accessible and affordable. Check out WWWD's guide for buying these stockings below!

American Apparel Opaque Pantyhose ($14,
These tights are available in fun colours like Poppy, Mustard, Plum, and Violet.

Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Opaque Tights (2 for $20,
We've mentioned these before, but we still love them, preferably in Hot Pink, Bright Blue, and Bright Yellow.

Wolford Velvet Deluxe 50 Tights ($42,
Stateside, these amazing stockings will be available in three bright shades: True Red, Galapagos Green, and Mazarine Blue. If you're dying for another colour, you can have them shipped from the UK via Wolford's website.

Balenciaga Tights ($125, 212.206.0872)
The most covetable of the bunch, Balenciaga's are available in both safe (black, grey) and super (hot pink, turquoise) shades.

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*UPDATE*Thank you to everyone who entered's YSL Downtown Tote Giveaway! We've contacted the winner and will notify you when we have a confirmation.