If You're a Glossier Fan and Have Oily Skin, This New Product Is for You

When I lived in New York City, every trip I made to come back to England involved a suitcase filled with bagels, Oreos and Glossier. While there have definitely been some questionable Oreo flavours, I've never met a Glossier product that I've not liked. 

The brand recently launched its Priming Moisturizer Balance to add to the other pair in the moisturiser family. The OG that is the Priming Moisturizer and the super-luxe big sister, Priming Moisturizer Rich

So let's talk balance. I didn't think I needed this one, as the other two are staples in my routine. I use the original on days when I want a light base and I use the rich one when my skin is feeling dry and deprived of dewiness. 

Glossier's Priming Moisturizer Balance is slated to work on balancing oily and combination skin, thanks to niacinamide, willow bark and marine extracts.

Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance: Glossier products



I don't usually struggle with oily skin unless I'm spending summers sat on the London Underground. Then my skin started cycling through different phases during lockdown and I found my skin getting increasingly more oily. I've started reaching for this and it's exactly what my skin needed in lieu of fresh air.

I did one too many product experimentations during lockdown, so my skin was acting up, but this landed into my life at just the right time. The cool gel texture instantly soothed my skin and balanced out my complexion, as I was suddenly working with an oily forehead and chin. It might be lightweight, but it still packs a punch in the moisture stakes. With any oil-control labelled products, we usually end up with unrealistic matte finishes, but as Glossier might as well trademark the word glow, you still get a natural look that won't dry you out. 

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The classic jelly cleanser that's like a rose petal bath but for your face. It makes for the perfect second cleanse and it's one of the only cleansers that I make sure to restock.

I'm not sure how my skin managed to survive a single winter or transatlantic flight without this decadent cream filled with nourishing ceramides and butters. It's up there with moisturisers that cost three times the price. 

I wear SPF every single day without fail. I'm also Black and let me tell you, the journey to finding a sunscreen that I adore has not been smooth. It's all been worth it, as this is everything I've been looking for. No white cast, no funny smell, I can't feel it on my skin, it keeps the glow and doesn't interrupt any skincare that I use under it. 

I've tried my fair share of liquid exfoliators and this one is still top of the bunch. It's not a showy product, as even after a couple of uses, I didn't notice much of a difference, then it was just like in the movies. One day, I woke up and something changed. My skin felt smoother, looked brighter and my skin tone was more even. Perseverance wins the day. 

I consider this my friend who always has my back, doesn't disturb the peace and minds her business. Don't knock the simplicity of this moisturiser—it works with your skin all year round. I slather on some more when I need greater moisture and it's also light enough to wear under makeup. 

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