Beyoncé, Chrissy Teigen and Holly Willoughby All Use This £14 Brow Gel

Eyebrow products are one of the fastest-growing categories of beauty product in the industry. They’re something that even the most minimal of makeup wearers probably take the time to apply each day. However, knowing how to achieve that thick-brow look when you might not have been blessed with naturally full arches can be tricky.

Thankfully, every now and then, a beauty product comes around that genuinely works and that even the most famous of faces can’t get enough of. Glossier Boy Brow is one of those products. It’s made to perfect eyebrows and give them that “your brows but better” finish. Big, bushy eyebrows have never been cooler, so here’s everything you need to know about one of the world’s best-selling eyebrow products.

Glossier Boy Brow: Glosser Eyebrow Product Beyonce Uses



The Hype

Glossier first launched in 2015, and the millennial-loved Instagram-friendly brand literally couldn’t keep Boy Brow on its shelves. In fact, the brow gel was so popular that upon its initial inception into the market, it amassed a waiting list of a cool 10,000 people. It was one of Glossier’s OG best sellers and the product that helped put the brand on the map with beauty editors. It even continues to be a cult favourite to this very day.

Glossier Boy Brow: Available in four shades



Makeup artists also can’t get enough of the stuff, which inevitably has led to some of our favourite celebrities sporting Boy Brow. Holly Willoughby’s trusted makeup artist Patsy O’Neill, for example, has previously revealed she’s a big fan and uses it on Holly for presenting appearances.

Even Beyoncé’s respected makeup artist Sir John (an industry icon) has been known to use Boy Brow on her.

Glossier Boy Brow: Beyonce wore it at the Grammys



For the Grammys in 2018, Sir John shared an Instagram of the products he used on Queen Bey, one of which is a little tube of Boy Brow. “I groomed and shaped Beyoncé’s brows using Glossier Boy Brow in Brown. Her brows are super accentuated, as she is wearing sunglasses throughout the ceremony, so I wanted them to look super strong,” he said.

It’s often mentioned on Glossier’s editorial sister website Into the Gloss, too. You’ll find it frequenting its Top Shelf profiles of some of the coolest celebrities, It girls and makeup artists who spill the beans about celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Reese Witherspoon (both of which stepped out in Glossier during awards season). In fact, even Into the Gloss’s avid readers are fans of Boy Brow. One fan even revealed in her feature that she loves Boy Brow so much that she goes to sleep with it on. Now that’s dedication…

What's the Deal?

So why all the fuss about a tiny little tube of brow pomade? Well, Boy Brow has been hailed as the eyebrow product that does it all. It tends to even the most rogue pair of brows by temporarily tinting them, shaping them and leaving them in a perfectly imperfect undone state. It’s described as an eyebrow “fluffer and shaper,” and promises to tame and groom brows in a single swipe.

Boy Brow has a creamy, slightly waxy formula that combs through brows and doesn’t leave them feeling crispy or stiff. It mimics your natural hairs to fill in any sparse areas and holds all day. The product is designed to be used in an upward motion to create model-off-duty brows. It comes in four shades: clear, blonde, brown and black. It will only set you back £14, so that’s another reason to love this beauty must-have.

Brow Flick

Boy Brow is still (four years after its launch) one of Glossier’s most popular products, so it comes as no surprise that the brand decided to extend its eyebrow range last month with the introduction of Brow Flick.

Brow Flick, which is designed to be used in conjunction with Boy Brow, is a super fine-nibbed pen that deposits colour into the brows and is the more polished sister to its pomade counterpart. While Boy Brow gives that fluffy, undone look, Brow Flick allows you to define your brows by focusing on the shape and the arch.

Let’s just say Boy Brow is your daytime BFF and Brow Flick is your evening essential. After applying the pen, you can either leave the brows as they are or finish off with a slick of Boy Brow in either the matching tinted version or the clear option.

Up next, read our review of Glossier Brow Flick.

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