The Dalston Brand Leading the Most Controversial New Accessory Trend

The rumours you've heard are true—the glasses chain is officially a chic trend to adopt if you're a specs wearer. While you might be thinking this is one granny-fashion step too far, over fashion week I spotted more than a few influencers wearing the item. And after doing some research, it's clear that one brand is leading the pack: Dalston-based Frame Chain

The label exclusively creates glasses chains that are genuinely cool. They're so fabulous they're more like a piece of jewellery. In fact, you can even take off the silicone ends and wear the chain as a necklace if you so wish. It's basically two ideas rolled into one: functionality and style, the dream fashion duo.

So how much more should we try to convince you that this is a trend you really want to get on, stat? Well, let's take a look at the evidence of how people are wearing theirs and then you can shop some of our favourite pieces from Frame Chain and a couple of other brands. What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for all the styling action and more.

Style Notes: See, it can totally go with your sheer top and jeans. It doesn't have to be all about sophisticated classic pieces.

Style Notes: Roll-necks and glasses chains might feel a bit geography teacher, but pair with a pink roll-neck and purple jumper (two colours we're still loving), plus oversized Iris Apfel-style frames, and you've got yourself a look. 

Glasses Chain Trend



Style Notes: There's nothing better to pair your geek-chic glasses with than a cool frame chain. 

Style Notes: High fashion also deserves the frame chain treatment. It makes any outfit look instantly more expensive, no?


Chloé comes up with a highly-covetable chain. 

Finally, cult brand Lucy Folk always sells out of these glasses chains. 

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