The Unexpected Reason One Blogger Is Giving Up Leggings

File this one away under news we didn't see coming: Not long after we published a lengthy treatise in support of leggings, a blogger is claiming that she will never again wear them in public. And her reasons aren't fashion-related (though that's why some people may be "anti" the pants). Instead, it's about religion.

As Racked reports, Veronica Partridge wrote in her post (aptly titled "Why I Choose To No Longer Wear Leggings") that she's swearing them off because she's a good Christian woman who doesn't want men ogling her body.

"I will no longer wear thin, form-fitting yoga pants or leggings in public," her post reads. "The only time I feel (for myself) it is acceptable to wear them is if I am in the comfort of my own home or if I am wearing a shirt long enough to cover my rear end."

Who knew leggings could be so controversial? We've always loved them for being comfortable and versatile, able take you from yoga to the club with minimal costume changes. Alas, to each her own. 

Tell us what you think: Are leggings too scandalous to wear in public? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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