Whoa: You Won't Believe Who's the New Face of Givenchy

Well, this is surprising: Givenchy appointed Donatella Versace as the newest face for the brand. [Instagram]

It's feminism, people: Spanx is employing a feminist mantra in their latest ad campaign. [Racked]

Lookin' good in wood: Ray-Ban just launched their iconic Clubmaster frames with new wood accents. [Ray-Ban]

We love you, Iris: The iconic Iris Apfel talks to Vogue about what it was like to have a documentary made about her life. [Vogue]

Too good to be true, but it is: These 18 delicious cocktails only use two ingredients! [Domaine]

Major: Chipotle has announced that it will no longer food GMOs in its food. [NY Times]

Following in big sister's footsteps: Kendall Jenner donned a blonde wig for a shoot with Fendi. [Byrdie]

Feeling tired of work? Here's some pro tips on how to avoid burnout. [Fortune]

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