Ally Hilfiger

Before we fell in love with The Hills and The Real Housewives of Orange County (our not-so-secret obsession), there was once a little MTV gem called Rich Girls. If for some strange reason you missed the single season in 2003 (which was mundane and mesmerising in equal parts), the reality show followed the lives of two, well-to-do teens in New York. One of the subjects/stars of the show was Ally Hilfiger and we found her practically impossible not to watch, thanks to her sweetly sheltered point of view. Recently, Hilfiger popped up on our radar again, but this time we find her compelling for wholly different reasons. The 22-year-old is holding her own in the competitive, Manhattan fashion scene and we think she's one to watch.

Unlike many of her privileged background peers, Hilfiger has a down-to-earth take on trends that is both accessible and personal (she looks like she actually styles herself). Mathematically speaking, she seems to be working with a 60% uptown/40% downtown mix for a smart-but never precious-style. She wears sophisticated pieces in a youthful manner, like pairing the above, furry vest with a t-shirt and skinny black pants for a night at Pete Wentz's weekly karaoke competition. We also approve of how Hilfiger reuses her favourite wardrobe staples, like the animal print belt she wore to a party for a Vanity Fair fete (hot pink dress, far right) and then again for Nina Garcia's book party (black dress, far left).

She's also supporting young designers-always a savvy choice-and wearing buzzy pieces from these up-and-coming lines. The electric blue Hologram Dress ($475) with sequined details (above, second from right) Hilfiger chose for an Art Basel party is not only one our favourite pieces from Alexander Wang's resort collection, but tastemaker Erin Wasson's too. We were also excited to see she's wearing Katy Rodriguez too (above, far right) and doing her own take on a suit, albeit a modern one with shorts instead of a skirt (above, middle). Hopefully Hilfiger's eye and personal stamp will be available to the greater public. She's rumoured to be opening a boutique in LA soon and we're quite curious to see what she'd stock!

Photo of Ally at Karaoke, Wireimage.