I've Discovered the Scandi Version of Zara

Earlier this year, I discovered a Zara-like high-street brand I had never heard of before, and within 24 hours of finding it, our office had placed a bulk order. Sweden's Gina Tricot was founded in 1997 and has over 180 stores, but it's relatively unknown here in the UK. However, thanks to the Scandi Instagram set, I think that's about to change.

It girls Hanna Stefansson and Emili Sindlev are big fans of Gina Tricot, and it's the designer's pastel suits, square-neckline tops and pink midi dresses are what caught my attention. The good news? The brand's pricing is really sharp—in fact, everything on my wish list is under £50. Like any more affordable brand though, it's all about sifting the wheat from the chaff, which is why we've trawled through countless pages of product to bring you the very best bits.

Keep scrolling to see how some of our favourite influencers are wearing Gina Tricot, and then and shop the best pieces available now.

On Hanna: Gina Tricot Caro Blouse (£31)

Gina Tricot: Karo Dall


Karo Dall

On Karo: Gina Tricot Darlo Dress (£35)

Gina Tricot: Karo Dall


Karo Dall

On Karo: Gina Tricot Sofya Blouse (£35)


The Style Stalker

On Emelie Durfelt: Gina Tricot Lisa Shirt (£18)

On Darja: Gina Tricot blazer

On Hanna Stefansson: Gina Tricot Maia Romper (£45)

On Hanna Mw: Gina Tricot Charlotte Dress (£45)

Shop Gina Tricot

Wear with white over-the-knee boots for true Scandi style.

This would look even better with a little belt of your own.

A simple black roll-neck is all you need to go with this statement skirt.

Pajama dressing as its coolest…

And don't miss out on the trousers.

The same romper Hanna Steffanson is wearing above.

Wear it with oversized trousers for a very expensive look.

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This piece was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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