Fashion Squad Goals: The Girl Gang in Style

This Italian girl squad may have a lot in common—they're millennial multitaskers, Milan-based Grazia It girls who blog, tweet, and consult for major brands; design threads; and have more Loewe and Marni than's entire London warehouse—yet, each girl has cultivated her own distinct style signature. The combination of all four women en route to a catwalk show is captivating; no doubt they'll be busting out new trends and breaking a few hearts. It's utterly irresistible to just passively watch them without wanting to mix up one's own fashion agenda. With that in mind, let's break it down for you…

There's Gilda Ambrosio, whose silhouette is unmistakable with her sheet of glossy, espresso-black hair and a rotation of oversized sunglasses set in position over a photo-ready pout. Diletta Bonaiuti is the stand-out girl at Milan Fashion Week, with a chipper wardrobe of sartorial separates and whimsical accessories, her hair is often flowing in its own bohemian rhapsody.

Patricia Manfield of The Atelier is a model/blogger extraordinaire whose fashion week outfits oscillate between being downright daring and classically elegant. Whatever will she wear next? A question the street style wall of paps wonders before she comes bouncing out of the latest Milanese show space. Giorgio Tordini is a handbag and accessory designer based in New York, but when the FROW invites get dished out, she'll be back with her Italian girl gang with aplomb; looking equally as polished, and every bit cool.

Scroll down to see these It girls in action and then shop our Milanese-chic inspired fashion edit!


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