Strange but True: We Know Where Gigi Hadid Gets Her Sports Bras

Sometimes, just sometimes, our level of obsession with Gigi Hadid's workout gear is truly beneficial. For any other girl who is permanently on the search for top-quality, good-looking pieces to add into their athleisure rotation, or for any of you who struggle to contain an ample bosom sufficiently when exercising, this is good news: Gigi Hadid buys her sports bras from a really great high-tech label called LNDR. 


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LNDR's wares are high performance but also highly thought-out in terms of aesthetic, so where some sports bras may be functional but fugly, Gigi's warrant their own place in her crop-top-showing wardrobe. Joanna Turner, the brand's designer tells us: "Our bras don’t typically look like traditional sports bras, so can easily be worn as a top on their own or under clothing. Most are circular knit to reduce the numbers of seams so there is less risk of irritation when working out, and zone panelling offers extra support and breathability (perfect for boxing like Gigi does). They are like a second skin and ridiculously comfortable as a result."

So there you have it—a new source for seriously brilliant sportswear with a Hadid's approval. Shop our favourite picks below.

Also perfect for weekend walks.

Surely in Miss Hadid's shopping basket already.

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