The Denim Trend You Thought Was Over (But Isn't)

Once upon a time, a defiant little rip in the fabric across the knee signaled rebellion; a punk spirit in the fashion atmosphere. Maybe it was actually ripped by climbing a tree or something, but more often than not, daredevils would take a kitchen knife to their jeans and tear away in order to mark themselves as part of the cult movement. Then along came Renzo Russo of Diesel; he was the first designer to create pre-ripped, already distressed jeans, and his empire flourished. There's something seriously cool about making laid-back jeans even more so! Pocketed clothing history aside, in one year alone, fashion commentators will see the rise and fall of multiple microtrends all centred around our favourite wardrobe staple—jeans.

This year has been no different. There’s been the exaggerated turn-up, as sported by Pernille Teisbaek, Susie Bubble, and co. Then there are the Vetements jeans that every fashion editor worth her salt wore to the FROW alongside a uniquely styled Oxford shirt. However, we didn’t expect to see a resurgence of the neatly slashed knee rip, made mainstream by the high street seasons ago.

It looks like this renegade cut is still a firm favourite amongst the fashion elite, even if the look has gone off the boil, so to speak. Yesterday, we spotted Alexa Chung shopping in NYC with knee-ripped jeans, then we clocked Gigi Hadid strolling through L.A. in her trusty denim with, yup, knee grazes. The verdict? It’s not over yet, so keep those distressed pairs at the top of your go-to jeans stash.

Scroll down to see who is still wearing ripped jeans, and if you’re feeling like a rebel, shop our favourites at the bottom!

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