It's Official: Gigi Hadid Is Model of the Year

1. Talk about a coup: Relative newcomer Gigi Hadid beat out Kendall Jenner for an official Model of the Year award. [Daily Mail]

2. LOL: Beyoncé took legal action to have an item labelled "Feyoncé," aimed at newly betrothed women, removed from Etsy. [The Cut]

3. Here's every single piece from Target's new plus-size line. [Racked]

4. Would you get Botox in your 20s? Find out why some women do. [Byrdie]

5. Confirmed: Kanye West and Rihanna are collaborating on a new project together. [StyleCaster]

6. You may think you know your signature cocktail... but you could be wrong. [Domaine]

7. Whoa. Ralph Lauren was forced to destroy a line of sneakers that Converse alleged were copycats. [FastCo]