Gigi Hadid Loves £25 Sunglasses, Just Like the Rest of Us

All hail Gigi Hadid, for she very clearly has the best sunglasses selection in the world of A-listers. You might think it strange that we've picked up on this one accessory, but Gigi knows what she's doing when it comes to shades, and she understands that they can make an outfit. The model is rarely seen without a pair on her face, and they're not mega-expensive pieces either. Like anyone who has an expensive habit, she knows where to find the coolest pairs in the more affordable prices.

True, she is fond of the pricier options as well, but she's also been known to wear a pair of sunnies that cost a mere £25. We've gathered together a few of our favourite Gigi and sunglasses looks (including those more affordable ones) for you to get inspiration for your upcoming holiday, and how you should style yours. Keep scrolling for Gigi Hadid's best sunglasses looks