Did Gigi Hadid Just Wear the Most Polarising Outfit Combo of 2017 So Far?

We know how much Gigi Hadid likes to mix it up fashion-wise. Whether that's with a full athleisure look or with a girly dress and heels, she's just as comfortable in either. Of course there is one thing that these ensembles always have in common: Hadid always looks incredible. And the most recent outfit she's given us? A boot-and-tracksuit combo. Now this is a particularly polarising look, as it has the potential to be very late '90s/early '00s (and not necessarily in a good way).

However, like the fashion pro she is, Hadid sidesteps a possible faux pas by ensuring her joggers are tailored and the boots are athleisure-friendly, selecting a pair from the latest Yeezy collection. Combining this with a midriff-baring cropped roll-neck, a classic black bomber jacket, a Sophie Hulme mini tote and a pair of sunglasses, you have an outfit that means business. Keep scrolling to see the whole shebang in action and shop the key pieces.