Men Can Be Hard to Buy for, But Here Are 27 Gifts I Think They'll Actually Like

Whether he's your dad, brother, best friend or significant other, as much as you love him, there's no denying that gift shopping for the noteworthy men in your life is significantly more difficult than that of their female counterparts. Why? We can't quite put our finger on it. I have found that the men that I shop for seldom talk about the material things they like, which then involves a lot of guesswork on your part. From personal experience, I've also found that they're also surprisingly picky. 

This is why we decided to give you a helping hand where your male-orientated Christmas shopping is concerned. We've consulted with men of all ages to bring you a definitive edit of the things they'd really like to find underneath the tree on December 25.

From in-demand trainers and practical outerwear to more niche but rather ingenious options, keep scrolling to see and shop the best gifts for men that 2019 has to offer.

Practical and stylish in equal measure. 

A wardrobe essential if there ever was one.

We've never met a man who doesn't love this nifty wallet. 

A striped jumper, but make it fashion. 

Advise him to wear this cool hat with khaki or navy outerwear. 

These trainers are guaranteed to sell out soon. 

Puffers look particularly stylish layered over a shirt-and-jumper combination. 

This rucksack is big enough to carry a laptop and gym kit in the same go. 

Men—whether young or old—will be smitten with this sleek turntable. 

If in doubt, go for the checked shirt. 

Even the most fashionably inept guy will be grateful for these cashmere joggers.

Whatever his tipple, he'll be eager to decant it into this. 

Yes, he'll probably lose them, but they'll look great in the meantime. 

This versatile jacket also comes in black and khaki. 

Again, he'll probably lose these, but he'll love them!

Be it suits or jeans, he'll wear this belt at any given opportunity. 

Ensure he starts 2020 suitably outfitted. 

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