25 Wildest-Dream Gifts on My Fantasy Christmas Wish List

Coming up with your own Christmas wish list can be harder than buying presents for anyone else. I know, I know—this is hardly the biggest problem anyone has ever faced, but I always dread having to answer the inevitable question posed by your parents, partner, or siblings: What do you want for Christmas

Of course, what you actually want for Christmas might not be the thing you tell them. While I always default to candles and skincare, I would never dream of telling my mum that the candle I would really like costs £145 (more on that later). This got me thinking—what would my no-holds-barred, wildest-dreams Christmas wish list look like? I decided to find out.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making a fantasy list of gifts ideas for women that would make me speechless on 25 December. It’s indulgent—and it’s never going to happen. Still, I had fun assembling it, and I think you’re going to have fun looking at it, too. For a dose of reality, I’ve included a handful of pieces that cost under £100, too, but they are in no way less special. In fact, some are up there amongst my tippy-top favourites.

Scroll on to see 24 gifts ideas for women that are in a league all their own.


Premium skincare is always a good idea. 

Mark my words: One day, a pair of Manolo Blahniks will be mine. 

The perfect place to perch my Friday-night Old Fashioned. 

I can’t justify this in ordinary life, but so long as I’m dreaming… 

Sprinkle these salts in your bath to experience true bliss. 

Who wouldn’t want to dress like a teddy bear? 

I’ve had the small version of this candle already, and it’s gorgeous. 

A watch I’d proudly wear on my wrist for the rest of my life. 

This will look so pretty with flowers in. 

I don’t ordinarily do bright colours, but these pyjamas might change all that. 

The jumbo version of my new favourite scent has to make an appearance. 

A party dress that’ll last way beyond New Year’s Eve. 

Bags don’t come more beautiful than this. 

The cashmere jumper that’s got all of our editors under its spell. 

Every season is the season for statement earrings. 

I hear so many great things about this hair tool.

Is it strange that I can’t stop thinking about a blanket? Specifically this blanket. 

This set handily boasts my favourite pieces from VB’s makeup range. 

Another jumper that’s currently haunting me. 

Who wouldn’t want to be surprised with this beautiful ring? 

After 32 years of searching, I’ve finally found the perfect tan boots. 

Every year, I fall in love with a velvet blazer. This year, this is The One. 

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