Yummy Mummy

One of the great advantages of living in the twenty-first century is that mums are no longer strictly associated with maternity clothes, minivans, and PTA meetings. In fact, the chic members of the Hollywood baby boom (ladies like Gwyneth Paltrow, Heidi Klum, and Gwen Stefani) reset established style stereotypes and forged a fashionable Yummy Mummy look. That's right; mums can be trendsetters, too!

Just because she's had a baby doesn't mean she deserves boring, bland, or so-called appropriate presents, so why not treat the yum mum to fun and trend-focused treats? In short, it's time to say goodbye to sweatpants and hello to cashmere sweaters, glamorous sunnies, and festive flats! Today's Holiday Gift Guide offers you just that, plus a handful of other thoughtful finds we hand-selected with the YM in mind.

VPL Heavy Gauge Cashmere Wrap ($595)
Yummy Mummys have mad schedules: one minute they might be lounging at home, the next, they're dashing out the door and on-the-go for hours. All these unexpected changes call for outfits made up of transitional pieces, like this luxe sweater. Just as cosy as it is chic, this oversized wrap is equally ideal for running errands or an in-house movie night. For a similar, less expensive option, try the Space-Dyed Cardigan ($30) by Silence & Noise.

Chloe Heloise Square Sunglassesicon ($378)
One of the joyous aspects of motherhood is the guaranteed sleepless nights, so every YM is in need of a pair of high-quality shades to conceal tired eyes. Not only will this Chloe pair do the trick, but they are bound to stir up envy amongst all of the mums on the playground.

Sanyo Camcorder ($362)
Every last mum we know is obsessed with documenting their offspring's every move, which is why we chose this nifty handheld camcorder. It offers an LCD screen and eight hours of full motion video, so it's perfect for any Yummy Mummy who wants to upload footage onto her baby blog!

Clark's Botanicals Smoothing Marine Cream ($115)
Preserve (or fake) that new mum glow with this top-notch moisturizer from cult beauty brand, Clark's Botanicals. The smoothing marine cream is paraben-free, full of algae extracts (softens fine lines) and jasmine absolute (an anti-inflammatory essential oil), and is a delicious drink for any skin type.

Adidas by Stella McCartney Yoga Mat and Bag ($150)
The solitude of a yoga class is a sacred necessity for many new mums, so we set out to find the perfect mat for today's gift guide. You will surely make your YM's quiet time even more special with this designer set.

Priti Nail Polish in Pink Jewel Carnation ($13)
Many pregnant women and new mums steer clear of the nail salon, so as to not expose their little ones to harsh chemicals. We wouldn't want any little pigs to suffer from a lack of attention, so we found this awesome, organic, formaldeyhyde-free polish as a smart solution. If you're a New York City local, be sure to visit the Priti Spa for a "Priti in Paradise" pedicure!

Jeffrey Campbell Oakley Fringe Stud Ankle Booties($124)
High heels are fairly off-limits for most new mums, but that's all the more reason to explore the endless supply of winning flats on the market! We are particularly taken by these embellished Jeffrey Campbell suede booties and suspect they will complement a number of different mummy outfits.
-Jessica Amento

Picture of Gwyneth Paltrow, Pacific Coast News.