I Don't Even Care That Everyone Else Owns the Same (Amazing) Dress as Me

If you'd have asked me a few years ago how I felt about wearing the same recognisable thing as someone else, I'd recoil in horror: I was always determined to blaze my own (normally vintage) trail and hated the thought of a "same dress disaster." But maybe that's because it was touted as a "same dress disaster" in the first place: Don't you think it feels less important these days? And I'm thankful for that because my latest favourite frock—a super-comfy, super-slinky, super-statement green midi—is being worn by so many other fashion industry girls I know, and I literally don't care. I'm actually happy that others have been able to discover the greatness of this dress, and sharing is caring, so here's the info for you too.


Hannah Almassi

On Hannah Almassi: Ghost Ayla Dress (£145); Shrimps Antonia Bag (£450); Kalda mules

It may come as no surprise to you that this winning floral number is from Ghost: We told you first last year that the cult '90s British brand was enjoying something of a resurgence. Since then, multiple dresses (often bias cut and usually printed) have hit the big time in influencer circles, with this £145 Kermit the Frog–green Ayla is the one that's proving to be most popular in this half of the year. It certainly speaks to the continued success we've seen behind sales of green printed dresses across 2018 thus far.

Freddie Harrel has one. Bettina Looney has one. So does Monica Ainley de La Villardière. And Kelly Eastwood's in the club too. I'm in good company, and it's no great wonder that, with this week's turn in the weather, suddenly everyone's reaching for this perfectly transitional, floaty midi: The fabric is weighty enough to feel right for slightly cooler temperatures, the colour is punchy enough to not feel like you've succumbed to summer being over and the cut is versatile enough to suit different body types and heights.

Keep scrolling to see who else has the dress and how they've styled it, plus shop it for yourself below.

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