The Only Playlist You Need to Get Ready Tonight

Happy Friday! The weekend is officially upon us, and you've likely got plans lined up to hit the town, see friends, and otherwise live it up (even if your version of "living it up" is watching Netflix on the couch). To help get you in a mood of true revelry, we teamed up with about-to-majorly-blow-up DJ Nikki Pennie (she of "She J" fame), who made a Spotify playlist of her ultimate power-girl tunes just for you!

With everything from thumping new Madonna jams to more easy-listening, sexy tracks from the likes of FKA Twigs (you already know how we feel about her) the lineup is solid, whether you're beating your face before going to the club, or throwing together a fabulous dinner for friends.

Listen to the playlist below, and have a fantastic weekend!