Nicole Richie

While some could argue that Nicole Richie's tiger-striped Winter Kate dress stole the spotlight at the H&M Fashion Star party last week, we happen to think it was her sleek topknot bun that made this a winning look. The simple, ballerina-inspired updo was perfect answer for showcasing Richie's beautiful neck and shoulders, as well as the frock's sultry, open-back silhouette. We're crazy about this chic, fuss-free hairstyle-it's ideal for loads of summer events-and had a hunch you might be too, which is why we reached out to her team to get all of the need-to-know details on how to recreate this look.

To achieve Richie's stylish topknot, celebrity hair stylist Charley Brown prepped the designer's wet hair by applying a small amount of Umberto Beverly Hills' Roman Oil Serum ($10), starting at the tips and working his way up to the roots. (This prevents the hair from appearing dry.) After drying her mane, Brown brushed all of Richie's hair in an upwards direction to form a ponytail that sat directly on the top of her head, which was secured with a hooked elastic. Next, Brown used a small clear rubber band to tie the tips of the ponytail together. Holding the ponytail directly above her head, Brown twisted the hair a few times, moulding it into a knot and securing it along the way using hairpins. To finish, Brown used Sebastian's Shaper Fierce Hairspray ($20), which allowed for a tight hold and helped smooth away any baby hairs and fly-aways.--Jessica Baker