We Love French Style, but Have You Seen How Great German Fashion Is?

I was recently in the Mitte district of Berlin (basically like Germany's Shoreditch) entranced by the über-coolness of the crowd there. If you thought East London's finest were nonchalant, wait until you cop a load on one of the hippest shopping streets, Auguststraße. A friend who lives in the city explained to me that there's almost a competition between who can be the most casual: So whether that's finding a way to make hoodies and trackies look schick (translation: chic) or wearing white sport socks with everything, this postcode is a hub of streetwear and Vetements vibes that results in a determined "Oh, this old thing?" look.

My experience was the final confirmation of something I'd been thinking about for a while: German fashion is having a moment, and that we should take a second to divert our usual attentions (on France, mostly, but also more recently an Eastern Bloc contingent) to investigate other European talents. And, of course, there's much more to the entire scene than track pants…



Getty Images

Veronika Heilbrunner during Paris Fashion Week.

In terms of high-profile street style names (think Veronika Heilbrunner, Roberta Benteler or everybody's new favourite, Jan-Michael Quammie), as well as up-and-coming brands I've been discovering on social media (yes, that's a big opportunity for you to own something more unique), there's definitely a buzz around German style right now.

Keep reading to gen up on the German fashion leaders and labels we're into.