We Just Tried the New Haircare Range From the Stylist Behind Alexa Chung's Bob

When it comes to hair inspiration, there's one woman who always springs to mind for chic, low-maintenance hairstyles: Alexa Chung. Yes, ever since she landed on our TV screens almost 15 years ago, Chung has pretty much been my hair muse. Beachy waves, sweeping fringes, choppy bobs—I'm here for every one of her hairstyles because, let's be real, Chung's hair always looks amazing. However, there's one trademark hairstyle that has basically become the signature look for cool girls everywhere: the undone bob. It is the handiwork of none other than beloved British hairdresser George Northwood.

George Northwood Undone Review: Hairdresser to Alexa Chung



Turns out, Northwood is actually the man behind the hair of a whole host of A-listers, with the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rachel Weisz, and Julianne Moore on his client list. Oh, and he's responsible for Meghan Markle's beautiful bridal hair look. No biggie. 

George Northwood Undone Review: Hairdresser to Meghan Markle



So when I heard that Northwood was launching his own range of hair products, I genuinely couldn't wait to get my hands on them. When I spotted that Huntington-Whiteley had been gushing about the formulations on Instagram, I was even more excited. 

George Northwood Undone Review: Hairdresser to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley



"I can attest to the amount of diligent work he has applied to the creation of these brilliant products which now are displayed proudly in my bathroom," wrote Huntington-Whiteley. "After using his products, my hair feels healthy and shiny, polished yet undone. They are so easy to use and at an affordable price point with clean formulas and fully recyclable packaging! I’m obsessed!"

George Northwood Undone Review: Hairdresser to Rosie Huntington-Whitele



Ahead, myself and four other editors put the George Northwood Undone hair collection to the test. Keep scrolling for our honest review.

Elinor Block, Who What Wear Assistant Editor, Using Moisturising Cream

George Northwood Hair: Elinor Block Reviews Moisturising Cream



"I could lie and say that lockdown has meant I’ve finally given up on my hairdryer, but that’s not true. It’s because I have a toddler, and I don’t have the patience. That means I’m always on the hunt to find products that make my air-dried hair look as good as possible. I have naturally curly/wavy hair, and if any product can keep it looking gently tousled and keep the frizz at bay, then I’m sold. Well done, then, to George Northwood, whose Moisturising Cream helps me to create the aforementioned look with minimum effort. I applied the cream on towel-dried hair, and then, I left it to air-dry, and this is what I ended up with—loose waves with a bit of definition. I would say that it’s also a great place to start styling from, so if you want to go straight or define your curls with a wand (which is what I did), then it gives some added shine."

Hannah AlmassiWho What Wear Editor in Chief, Using Unpolluted Shampoo

George Northwood Hair: Hannah Almassi Reviews Unpolluted Shampoo



"As a lazy, low-maintenance type, I'm always on the lookout for products that work their magic without requiring me to be skilled or use up any precious time in getting to the end result! I'm forever hoping that my not-straight-not-curly-but-sometimes-flyaway hair will just miraculously fall into perfectly disheveled, uneven waves, and it happened after I used George Northwood's Unpolluted Shampoo. No additional styling or products were added to my hair in the picture above. I simply let it air-dry (my fave method, of course!) after combing out with Hershesons's Knot My Problem Brush (the best detangler I ever did see), and it turned into exactly what I have always wanted. I followed the double-wash instructions to the letter, but as someone who is quite right-on about water consumption, the thought of waiting a total of 10 minutes in the shower for the shampoo to really become its most effective did concern me a little. However, this isn't a daily wash (it's a weekly detox product to cut through any sort out build-up), so perhaps it's allowed once in a while for a very good hair day!"

Giselle La Pompe-Moore, Spiritual Guide and Who What Wear Contributor, Using Unparched Shampoo

George Northwood Hair: Giselle La Pompe-Moore Reviews Unparched Shampoo



"My natural hair is thirstier than how I imagine I'll be when I can have my first post-lockdown mocktail. Shampoos rarely make the cut in the moisture department for me, and I'm usually left needing to apply a bucket's worth of deep conditioner to remedy it. I knew I was in for a treat when I started to lather in George Northwood's Unparched Shampoo—the viscous gel smells of soft citrus and fresh linen. Post-wash, my hair felt blanket soft, and my detangling time was reduced, leaving it easier to air-dry and style. I also tried it on my straight, bouncy wig, which now looks just like it did when I first bought it. For a shampoo that works to nourish both my wig and natural hair, it's earned its place on my shower shelf. "

Shannon Lawlor, Freelance Beauty Editor and Who What Wear Contributor, Using Wave Holding Spray

George Northwood Hair: Shannon Lawlor Reviews Wave Spray



"My hair is naturally poker-straight, and trying to get it to keep any sort of volume or wave is near impossible. I have had blow-dries from some of the biggest and best hair stylists around, only for it to drop out within a minute of leaving the salon. My hair is long and fine, but I have a lot of it, and that seems to be the perfect recipe for limp, lifeless strands. For the most part, curling my hair at home is just wasted time and effort, so I very rarely bother. On top of all of this, I absolutely despise the feeling of product in my hair. Because it's so fine, any sort of product just seems to weigh it down and make it appear even thinner. However, with absolutely nothing to lose during lockdown and considering that this heat defence spray has wave-holding claims, I thought I'd give it a go.

On first spritz, it feels just like any other heat protector. The smell is pleasant but subtle, and it's got a nice misting action on it (something I always appreciate). As I curled my hair, I started feeling as though things were looking noticeably more voluminous and bouncy than they normally would, and by the end, I was sure of it. Sure, the curls dropped out into looser waves as they always do, but they stuck around for a good few hours longer and had an undone texture that I still can't get enough of. I try to avoid hair product as much as possible, but this little guy is going straight in my stash."

Mica Ricketts, Who What Wear Beauty Editor, Using Undamaged Shampoo

George Northwood Hair: Mica Ricketts Reviews Undamaged Shampoo



"My hair is naturally dry. So when you add a significant lack of salon visits along with an increased amount of hair-dryer action over the winter months into the mix, it's no surprise that my split strands are feeling particularly frazzled right about now. However, it might sound counterintuitive, but I generally run a mile from any hair products aimed at combatting damage because, in my experience, they're often loaded with silicones and sulphates that usually weigh my hair down and leave it feeling heavy and dull once that initial silky-soft feeling has faded away.

However, I needn't have worried about Northwood's restorative formulation—I'm hooked. Packed with nourishing vegetable proteins, this shampoo actually works to repair damaged hair bonds to reduce breakage and improve hair strength. I found that my hair not only looked healthier, but it also felt light and bouncy after using this. I'll be recommending this to all my friends with coloured hair or an addiction to their hair tools."

Shop the rest of the Undone by George Northwood range here:

An everyday cleanse containing everything your strands need for a good hair day.

Fermented minerals and sugar beet provide hair with a daily dose of shine, strength and hydration—an all-round decent conditioner.

The best friend to Giselle's favourite shampoo, this moisturising kale protein blend acts like a big drink of water for thirsty hair.

This styling spritz adds a touch of Northwood's signature texture to all hair types. 

A supersized bottle of my favourite conditioner in the range. This contains creatine to actually repair hair damage, so you're doing long-term good to your hair.

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