The Real Reason Yellow—Not Pink—Is the Colour of Gen Z


Getty Images

"Millennials," in case you've been able to escape the term, refers to people born in the early '80s all the way up through the early '00s. We're often defined by three key things: We can't buy our own homes, we exclusively eat avocado on toast (*rolls eyes*), and we have a love affair with pink. Millennial Pink, to be exact.

For the past few years, no one has been able to escape this hue, which in reality ranges from the bubblegum to the more cerise end of the scale. Whether it's on our clothes, in our bedrooms or even in our drinks, the colour has boomed. But like every generation before us, we're about to be replaced by another: Generation Z. And they’ve got their own colour too: yellow.

But why yellow? And why does a generation have to be assigned a colour? I spoke to Carolyn Mair, a professor of psychology for fashion, on the matter of how we perceive colour, took a look at intel from Pantone, and delved into the hard data from retail analysts at Edited to see how consumers are lapping up the hue to understand more about the phenomenon.