Is Genderless Fashion the Future?

Issues of gender have been swirling around a lot over the last year, from Caitlyn Jenner’s much-documented transition to mainstream stores like Selfridge’s testing out gender-free departments. Corners of the fashion world have hopped on board as well, with editorials styled in gender-blending fashion and ad campaigns embracing transgender models. That said, finding a home for these ideas online or in print was next to impossible until the recent launch of You Do You, a website celebrating agender fashion and lifestyle. Under the direction of industry alums Kristiina Wilson, Logan Jackson, and Casey Geren, the platform hosts original editorials, interviews, and news that transcend the strict confines of male versus female.

Having followed Wilson’s stellar photography career for a while now (she’s shot for the likes of Elle, Nylon, and L’Officiel, to name a few), I was curious to find out more about her plans for the site and what she thinks about the state of genderless fashion today. Below, she discusses everything from what the fashion industry still needs to work on in this arena to how she feels about the spotlight on celebrities like Jenner.

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