Garance Doré Shares Her #1 Instagram Rule

There’s no one whose social media advice we trust more than our favourite bloggers, a group in which Garancé Dore ranks high. The French photographer, illustrator, and author shared her thoughts on Instagram—including her ultimate dos and don’ts—with NY Mag’s The Cut while attending the CFDA Awards the other night with designer Claire Vivier.

So what’s the number one rule she thinks we should abide by? Never delete a photo just because it doesn’t get a ton of likes. She elaborated:

"Maybe it’s not as appealing as a cat photo or something, but your core followers will be like, 'That’s my girl,' you know? Just don’t do it for the likes. That’s my motto."

And what a great motto it is! We at Who What Wear definitely agree that social media is best used as a form of self-expression, rather than a perpetual popularity contest.

Do you have any Instagram rules you always follow? Let us know in the comments!