Did Gap Just Signal the End of Normcore?



Though Gap has been around for ages, the brand's been in the news more for its struggles than its successes lately. With their creative director Rebekka Bay recently jumping ship, a common theme over the years, it’s fair to say they’ve been playing a game of musical chairs trying to find the right person to rejuvenate the company’s reputation and financials. Think of them as the little fashion engine that just barely can, if you will. While this editor has always been a fan of their quality basics and their awesome price point, others have been quick to write them off. But with the announcement of their surprising new campaign it might be time to think twice about that! A new 12-part video series titled "Spring Is Weird" hints at a quirky new direction for the brand, not least because it stars everybody’s favourite funny girl Jenny Slate. Perhaps even Gap is tiring of our heavy reliance on all things normcore? We'll have to wait and see, but the first video's trippy glimpse at a love story has us itching to see more!

Check it out for yourself below, and let us know your thoughts on Gap's new direction in the comments!

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