7 Trending Ganni Items That Live Up To the Hype

If you made a list of all the cult fashion items from the last two years or so, I would hazard a guess that Ganni would claim around half of it. Set up in 2000, it wasn't until 2017 that the brand saw mainstream success amongst the fashion crowd thanks to its universal cool-girl appeal and personality-packed yet wearable pieces. Ganni is one of those brands that sets trends rather than follows them. Just think of its big collared blouses, which were embraced by editors and influencers alike last year. And now, you can't browse a high-street store without bumping into an OTT collar.

Ganni has also inspired countless other Scandi brands to set up shop in the intervening years, marking Copenhagen Fashion Week as a hotspot for young creative talent. Team Who What Wear is a living testament to the brand's taste-transcending allure, as almost every member of the team has something from the brand despite our divergent personal styles.

Really, there are too many trending Ganni items to mention in one story (plus, many are almost impossible to get your hands on), but we've put together a list of the styles that are particularly noteworthy from the last 12 months. From smocked dresses to logo tees, scroll down to see and shop the trending Ganni items that well and truly live up to the hype. 

The Statement-Collar Blouse

The Puff-Sleeve Jumper


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The Logo Tee



The Smocked Dress

The Mini Dress

The Chunky Boots

The Pin-Tucked Minidress


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