The Baby Spice Trainers Just Got an Update, and We're Losing Our Minds

It doesn't matter if you grew up in the '90s or just happen to always indulge in nostalgia surrounding the era, you know who the Spice Girls are, and you know what they wore. Smash hits aside (come on, everyone has a favourite), we're all about celebrating everything these trailblazing pop stars jettisoned into the fashion world: Not only did they give us five highly individual looks for every young girl to emulate at the time, but they provided unforgettable trends such as the babydoll dress, Adidas trousers and anything with the Union Jack on. But perhaps the most memorable of them all has to be platform trainers. Worn most often by Baby, Scary and Ginger, it was the one item we often begged our mums to buy us—to which they would usually flat-out refuse no matter our desperation.

ganni platform sneaker: the spice girls


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If you don't remember them the first time around (where were you?), we're talking about the sneakers with huge six-inch rubber platforms on the bottom. As an almost-teenager during that era, these were the ideal shoes to copy. They weren't too adult, but they gave you extra height to make you feel like a bit more of a grown-up. Back then, the brand that everyone wanted to wear was Buffalo; however, the exact versions that they wore are no longer available. Should your original yearnings still be unfulfilled, just this week Ganni released an exclusive collection on My Theresa, including pairs of similar-looking Baby Spice trainers. Yep, we know this is very exciting news.

Keep scrolling to see the trainers and to shop them immediately.

These are so similar, we're almost crying.

A kind of cross between the on-trend "dad" sneaker and the Baby Spice look. 

Love the stitching and sole detail on this. 

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