The Under-£100 Designer Buy I'm Going to Live in This Spring

I have never really been into logo or slogan T-shirts as an adult, but perhaps it's because I wore so many terrible ones as a teenager that I've been semi-scarred for the last 15 years. Anyone remember those "Boys Are Stupid Throw Rocks at Them" T-shirts from the brand David & Goliath? So dubious. Or the slightly less offensive craze for the Paul Frank monkey? Those were the days. I have pretty much steered clear of them ever since—that is until Ganni had its say.

Of course, it would be Ganni, the cult Scandi brand beloved by fashion girls everywhere, that would lure me back into the logo tee's loving arms. Last year the brand dropped a collection of logo T-shirts, that included whimsical motifs such as clover leaves, smiley faces (very '90s), crystal balls and even dolphins. You'd be forgiven for thinking that some of these tees look like something you'd buy on a beach holiday at the age of 6, but I kinda love how Ganni has embraced the kitsch vibe of the slogan tee. And of course, it always helps that the designer slogan at hand is more of an 'in-the-know' brand than you Guccis and Burberrys. 

Coming with an oversized, slouchy fit, I opted for the cloverleaf design as it felt a little less novelty that the other designs. I've been wearing mine tucked into wide-leg trousers and layered over roll necks while WFH, but I can just tell I'm going to live in it this spring with everything from jeans to midi skirts. Scroll down to see how I'm wearing mine and see other Ganni tee style inspiration.  

How I'm Wearing My Ganni Tee

Ganni logo T-shirt: Joy Montgomery



How Fashion Girls Are Wearing Theirs

Ganni logo T-shirt: Zeena Shah



I love the comfy finish of Zeena's check-trousers–and–logo-tee pairing. She's wearing with fluffy slippers now (very lockdown), but it would also look amazing with chunky sandals. 

Ganni logo T-shirt: Camille Charriere



This is my reference point for styling the T-shirt this spring and summer. Camille manages to make the sporty look seem to chic.

Ganni logo T-shirt: Trine Kjaer



Clearly, gingham trousers are the way to go, if this outfit from Trine Kjaer is anything to go by. Just add a fringed jacket and boots while the weather is still chilly.

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