Trust Us—This Ganni Item Is Going to Be a Cult Buy

It is certainly no secret that I am not the biggest fan of cold weather (growing up in Australia tends to have that effect). Though in recent weeks, I have found myself becoming quite partial to cold climate accessories. Yes, from Chanel's cult-favourite logo tights to Bottega Veneta's chunky boots, the right accessories seem to be the perfect antidote to the weather I claim to detest. 

Thankfully, this season there are several items around that will not only keep you warm throughout autumn and winter but will also act as stylish additions to any outfit. And the most prominent of which has to be Ganni's knitted beret

Between Lucy Williams, Emili Sindlev, Nnenna Echem and more, Ganni's new accessory seems to have garnered quite the fashionable fanbase already, and the changing of the seasons has only just begun. Available in either cream or charcoal, the beret features an intricate crochet finish and modern silver ring detailing, proving to be the cool girl's accessory of choice this autumn. 

Take a leaf out of Sindlev's book and wear the hat with a statement coat for a walk in the park, or opt for Williams' style and pair it alongside a neutral shade knit. Keep scrolling to see how influencers are styling the beret and shop the look below. 


Influencers in Ganni's knit beret: 

Ganni Knitted Beret: Nnenna Echem


Ganni Beret: Emili Sindlev



Shop Ganni's knitted beret: 

Shop more berets: 

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