The Cult of Ganni: How One Danish Brand Ruled 2017

When looking back on 2017, three particular brands acted as the influential triumvirate around which everything else appeared to rotate: Gucci once again led the luxury pack, Mango cornered the hipster-on-the-high-street market and Ganni held a steadfast position as the contemporary brand creating each season's must-have pieces (whilst never becoming ubiquitous or over-priced). Not once has this Danish label done what we expected them to, and never before have we seen such a varied stream of cult items in just 12 months.

Recalling just how much Team Who What Wear UK has charted Ganni's stratospheric rise to fashion fame—and as the news arrives that a major private equity firm is taking a strategic investment to see the brand grow globally—we wanted to know: Just what is their secret? I caught up with the masterminds behind the label to learn more about the success of this fashion girl–approved brand: creative director Ditte Reffstrup and CEO Nicolaj Reffstrup. Keep reading to find out all about Ganni.