This One Little Detail Will Make Your Boots 10 Times Warmer

Balancing form and function over the winter months can be tricky to navigate for fashion lovers, especially when the weather switches from gentle autumnal breezes to harsh Arctic tundra. When temperatures drop below 10°C, you know it's time to bring out the big guns and get a little smarter with your layering. Over the years, we've accumulated a few different dressing hacks for staying warm in style. The one that trumps all others? Lined winter boots.

Fur lined winter boots



Edinburgh-based contributor Maxine Eggenberger swears by a shearling lining for keeping toasty in the chilly northern hemisphere. "I stumbled on this cold-weather trick by accident. I'd had my eye on a pair of boots for months, but when they eventually went into the sale, the only pair in stock was a size up from the one I'd usually buy," Maxine explains. "I ordered them anyway, and when I proceeded to complain that they were too big, my grandma gave me a pair of sheepskin liners from a pair of her boots to offset the extra room inside. And boy were they toasty. Turns out that sheepskin insoles are a thing all their own, and now, I purposely buy my boots a size up to accommodate them."

We would definitely recommend the insole trick if you're wanting to save the pennies and update a pre-existing pair of boots this year, but it's fair to say that it didn't take us long to elaborate on her advice and experiment with fully lined winter boots, and we are glad we did. From faux fur to contrasting shearling, there are so many brands embracing the hidden cosiness of lined boots this season, and we've never been so happy to see practicality and style meet. So if you want to make your outfits 10 times toastier this winter, scroll down to see and shop our boot edit. 

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