The Random Print I Keep Seeing Everywhere This Summer

When it comes to summer prints, there are a few timeless styles that seem to pop up every year, florals (of the groundbreaking variety, of course) and gingham, among them. Though this summer, while we are still seeing many of the classics, a different print trend seems to have taken precedence. 

From apples and oranges to lemons and cherries, fruit has become a trending motif this summer, appearing across everything from swimwear to daywear and accessories. With luxury brands, such a Gucci recently launching an apple print knit, contemporary labels like Finders Keepers including a large-scale fruit bowl print in a recent collection, and high-street retailers like Zara debuting a whole host of fruit-shaped jewellery this summer, it's clear the trend has gained traction. Influencer Aimme Song has been an advocate of the style for some time, creating a fruit print of her own for her Song of Style collection

This summer, fashion is proving that when life gives you lemons, the best thing to do is put them on a midi dress. Keep scrolling to see how influencers are styling the fruit motif and shop the trend below.  

See How Influencers are Styling the Trend

Fruit Print Trend: Shirt


Fruit Print Trend: Lemon Dress


Fruit Print Trend: Orange Print Set



Shop the Fruit-Print Trend

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