The Controversial Lipstick Trend Celebrities Are Suddenly Into Again

Trends come and go, and typically, today's trends reflect what was popular around 20 years ago. With the rise of Y2K fashion—we see you, low-rise jeans—it only makes sense that we're also starting to see some early 2000s makeup trends appearing on our social feeds.

One trend that we're seeing everywhere right now is a controversial one. Frosted lipstick is officially having a moment, seen on many celebrities this year. What's more, with the popularity of the Pam & Tommy series, we're reminded of Pamela Anderson's iconic frosted-lipstick looks, and so many celebrity makeup artists are bringing it back for today's red carpets. Both Zendaya and Beyoncé wore frosted lipstick for their recent Vogue Italia and British Vogue covers. However, if you're anything like me, it might bring back makeup nightmares. I remember buying frosted lipsticks that felt chalky, dragged on the lips and had way too much glitter. Is it just me, or were they always just a bit too pale, too?

Frosted lipstick trend: Vanessa Hudgens @hungvanngo



Thankfully, this time around, the frosted-lipstick trend is subtler and more wearable. Not to mention that the chalky, glitter-heavy formulas have been left in the late '90s and early 2000s in favour of more sophisticated formulas, says beauty expert and co-founder of OPV Beauty Opeyemi Adeyemo. "Today's frosted lipsticks have newer, duo-chromed pigments that have better light reflectivity. They've also been adapted to be hydrating on lips, long-lasting and smudge-proof, making this trend wearable for a night out or a casual lunch," she says. 

Ahead, we round up some of the best celebrity frosted-lipstick trends as well as the best frosted lipsticks to try right now.

Frosted lipstick trend: @lupitanyongo



For Lupita Nyong'o's Oscars look, makeup artist Nick Barose used a matte brick lipstick before applying an early 2000s favourite, Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Hallucination, to the middle of the lips for a frosted finish.

This is the exact lipstick that makeup artist Nick Barose used on Nyong'o for her Oscars makeup look.

For that all-important frosted finish, Barose used this exact Juicy Tube shade on top of Nyong'o's lipstick. It has a frosted gold shimmer for a metallic finish. "[I used] a dot of #JuicyTubes in Hallucinations on center of lips for subtle golden sheen," said Barose on Instagram.

Frosted lipstick trend: Jessica Biel @nikki_makeup



As Jessica Biel demonstrates, the frosted-lipstick trend can look subtle and understated. Makeup artist Nikki Wolff created this pink frosted lip look for Biel when she attended Dior's menswear show in Paris recently.

While Biel's makeup artist didn't share details of her lip look, we think it can be replicated with Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Diamonds lipstick, which has a shimmering pink finish.

Frosted lipstick trend: @hungvanngo Jodie Smith



Makeup artist Hung Vanngo created this subtle peach frosted lip on Jodie Smith.

This golden-peach tone is ideal for re-creating Smith's look.

Frosted lipstick trend: Elsa Host @nikki_makeup



For a subtler take on the frosted-lipstick shade, a sheer metallic lipstick looks great on top of your usual lipstick. We're obsessed with model Elsa Hosk's lipstick here.

Dial up any lipstick into a frosted lip look with sheer metallic lipstick. This one by Fenty Beauty is totally sheer, so it looks great worn alone or on top of any lipstick shade.

Frosted lipstick trend: @maryphillips Kendall Jenner



This nude frosted lip on Kendall Jenner has subtle metallic tones, which make it very wearable.

MAC does great frosted lipsticks that are long-wearing and comfortable to wear.

Frosted lipstick trend: @maryphillips Maren Morris



We're saving this frosted-lip look worn by Maren Morris.

This liquid lipstick glides on to lips, leaving a metallic coating.

Frosted lipstick trend: @ninapark Zoe Kravitz



A metallic lipstick makes lips look full and plump. Try patting it on to the middle of the lips for a modern take on the trend.

This shimmering metallic lipstick looks great worn alone or on top of lipstick. 

Lizzo always delivers a great makeup look, and her glittery, frosted lips haven't gone unnoticed. 

If you want your frosted lipstick to have more glitter, go for this. Once you apply it, you smack your lips together to reveal sparkling pigments within the lipstick.



We're here for Ashley Graham's nude lipstick with subtle flecks of gold.

Look for a gloss with shimmer tones for a low-maintenance way to tap into the frosted-lipstick trend.

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