You Can Now Buy A Front Row Seat At Fashion Week

Sitting front row is expected—nay, it's the norm—if your name happens to be Olivia Palermo, Miroslava Duma, Anna Wintour, and countless other fashion heavyweights who are used to the best views at every Fashion Week from New York to Paris. But for the rest of us, the luxury of being plopped down in the front row comes at a price--and that price, apparently, is $95,000.

Until July 26, art auction site Artsy is offering up front row seats to the trifecta of Milan Fashion Week shows—Prada, Fendi, and Giorgio Armani—for a buy-it-now price just shy of the $100,000 mark. If you don't have that kind of cash lying around, there's also a bidding war going on--but it's no chump change. The starting bid for front row seats at all thre shows is currently $25,000.

And if Prada, Fendi, or Armani isn't really doing it for you—but the name Miu Miu ignites your fashion flames—the Watermill Center is currently auctioning off two front row seats to the show for a starting bid of $10,000. The buy-it-now price for those two seats is $25,000. The estimated value is (actually!) listed as "priceless."

While we don't disagree, we find it hard to imagine dropping nearly $100,000 on a front row seat. So tell us: Would you ever pay nearly $100,000 for a front row seat? Sound off in the comments below!