24 Fringes That Suit Everyone, According to Hair Experts

Cutting in a fringe can seem like a big commitment, yet it's a hairstyle most of us have likely at least considered over the years. Fringes come in all types of shapes and cuts, and there are some that can suit everyone, with others being a little harder to pull off, depending on your face shape and how you style your hair. If you're currently feeling tempted by a fringe, there are certain looks that can suit any of us, regardless of these elements. "A parted sweeping fringe will suit any face shape," explains Maxine Cooke, a creative stylist at Nicola Clarke at John Frieda salons. "The length just needs to be adjusted to complement the face shape."

Maxine also recommends opting for a side-swept fringe if you want minimum commitment, and Paul Windle, the founder of Windle London, suggests picking a fine long fringe with a couple of sections, getting longer from the centre into the sides. As for which styles can be hardest to pull off, Maxine says micro-fringe requires a lot of commitment. "That being said," she explains, "when it's done right on the right person, it's the most striking and beautifully edgy fringe there is." And while we do urge that you wait until you can get to salon before you take the plunge, taking inspiration from these 24 chic fringe hairstyles can't hurt, right?

1. Full Fringes

The classic fringe style for a bold, timeless look. 

Fringe Hairstyles: @frannfyne with full fringe



A full fringe with a French bob is set to be one of the most popular styles of 2022.

Fringe Hairstyles: Sophie Turner with full fringe



Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner tries on a full fringe for style, which was cut by Christian Wood. 

Fringe Hairstyles: Zendaya with full fringe



Even short hair can wear a full fringe, as demonstrated by Zendaya's cool pixie cut.

Fringe Hairstyles: Bryce Dallas Howard with full fringe



Bryce Dallas Howard's gorgeous strawberry-blonde hair suits a full feathery fringe perfectly. 

Fringe Hairstyles: @lefevrediary with full fringe



Amy's full and blocky fringe paired with a bob is giving us all of the inspiration.

Fringe Hairstyles: Zooey Deschanel with full fringe



Zooey Deschanel is known for her heavy bold fringe, which is shown off here by celebrity stylist Mara Roszak.

Fringe Hairstyles: Jourdan Dunn with full fringe



We're loving this full, but slightly choppy, fringe with Jourdan Dunn's sleek, long hair.

Fringe Hairstyles: Julia Stegner with full fringe



A 70s-style like this one makes for the ultimate low-maintenance fringe.

2. Light and Choppy Fringes

It's not full; it's not side-swept. It's somewhere in between. 

Curly hair? You can still nail a fringe, as proven by Courtney Trop.

Fringe Hairstyles: Michelle Dockery wearing light, choppy fringe



This light choppy fringe looks awesome on Michelle Dockery. 

Fringe Hairstyles: Yara Shahidi wearing light, choppy fringe



Opt for a light fringe that can be pushed to both sides if need be, like Yara Shahidi's curly bangs.

Alyssa Coscarelli complements her wavy bob with a light, wearable fringe.

Fringe Hairstyles: Bella Hadid wearing light, choppy fringe



Bella Hadid cut her own fringe in lockdown last year. We have to admit it really doesn't look that bad. 

3. Mini Fringes

A brave, alternative way to wear the fringe that requires the most commitment. 

Fringe Hairstyles: Katy Perry with micro fringe



Katy Perry's fringe looks great with her pixie cut. It's a bold look, but she definitely pulls it off. 

Fringe Hairstyles: Kelly Rowland with mini fringe



Sleek, sharp and shiny. Kelly Rowland's mini fringe pairs perfectly with her retro bob.

Constance Wu's mini fringe is blunt and insanely chic.

4. Side Fringes

The perfect introductory style to fringe (or a chic exit style if you're growing out an existing fringe). 

Fringe Hairstyles: Lena Headey with side fringe



GOT star Lena Headey offers up the perfect grown-out fringe styling option.

This light side-swept fringe suits actress Kerry Washington perfectly. 

Fringe Hairstyles: ASOS Lotte with side fringe



ASOS Lotte shows you can still look cool when in the process of growing out a full fringe. 

Fringe Hairstyles: Emma Stone with side fringe



Proof that a side fringe can absolutely be grown up. Emma Stone's style is sleek and polished.

5. Curtain Fringes

The curtain or parted fringe is one of the most versatile fringes around. Either part in the centre for sweeping bangs or pull forwards and style as a longer full fringe. Because it's cut to grow out seamlessly, you don't have to worry about regular trims.

Fringe Hairstyles: @matildadjerf with curtain fringe



Big, blown-out curtain fringes will be everywhere next year, and this one sets a high standard.

As your fringe grows out, it can be parted in the centre and heat styled away from the face for bouncy volume.

Fringe Hairstyles: @emmanuellek_ with curtain fringe



This look showcases curly curtain fringe perfection.

Fringe Hairstyles: @saasha_burns with curtain fringe



Why not team your curtain fringe with an on-trend shag cut?

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