Finally, a Place Where I Can Actually Find the Clothes I Want

It's safe to say that customistable fashion has, until now, been relatively limited. Sure, you can get T-shirts personalised or your initials monogrammed onto almost anything and everything, but what if you really wanted to get stuck into the design process without needing the kind of budget required for a bespoke Hermès bag? What if you wanted to create something that's always been missing from your wardrobe and have next to no skills as a designer? In steps Frilly—the first digital luxury e-commerce site for customisable clothing.

Based out of Los Angeles and home to designers who have cut their teeth at the likes of Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein, this is no half-arsed attempt at flogging you all the same boring dress in just a few colourways. We're talking about on-trend options that you can literally piece together from head to toe, zip to hemline, grommets to buttons, twills to crepes. In an era where many Millennials and Gen Z are striving to be unique, the potential for more than 400,000 luxe made-to-order options is too tempting to not try out—so I did, and here's what happened.