Caroline de Maigret: The Surprising Reason French Women Are So Stylish

As you may have noticed by this point, here at Who What Wear HQ, we have an oh-so-slight obsession with French style. French women just seem to possess a certain, well, je ne sais quoi that we find ourselves endlessly trying to capture. And now, French street style star, model, and music producer Caroline de Maigret has exposed their secret!

In a new interview with Harper's Bazaarde Maigret talks about everything from her musical icon (Elvis) to ageing, and on one topic in particular she speaks with a notable amount of wisdom and aplomb: What exactly it is that makes French women so stylish.

"[French women] are not that perfect and it's ok," she explains. "In France, we kind of gave up on that whole perfect thing and it's interesting to other people." 

Ah, so that's what it is: French women have embraced their imperfection, and that self-acceptance gives them a kind of incomparable style everyone is dying to copy. Head over to Harper's to read more of de Maigret's keen insights.

Do you agree that their self-love is what gives French women such a sartorial edge over others? Sound off in the comments below!