6 French-Girl Wedding Outfits We're Taking Inspiration From

When we find ourselves in a style rut, we can always rely on French women to help us out of it. With an effortless approach to styling and the ability to make even the most basic of pieces look premium, we're constantly inspired by their wares. Which got us thinking, How do French women tackle what's arguably the hardest occasion to dress for in the summer? Naturally, we're talking about weddings.

Deciding on a wedding-guest outfit is never easy—even after years spent writing on the subject, we too can find it overwhelming. So we turned to six of our favourite French women to see how they dress for seasonal nuptials. From breezy dresses and quintessential accessories to the hue us Brits are often too tentative to wear, keep scrolling to see what French women wear to summer weddings, and then shop the outfits for yourself.

Aria Di Bari
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: Aria Di Bari in a green floral dress and basket bag



Style Notes: French women are known for their relaxed style, even at more formal occasions. For summertime nuptials, make like Aria and opt for a floaty floral dress and finish with raffia accessories. 

Ellie of Slip Into Style
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: Ellie in a pink embellished dress and black strap sandals



Style Notes: When French girls go fancy, the general rule of thumb is to offset your chosen statement piece with minimal accessories. Follow Ellie's lead and pair a pink dress with simple strappy heels and a brightly-coloured bag.

Sabina Socol
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: Sabina Socol in a printed jumpsuit and feather bag



Style Notes: Jumpsuits are often overlooked on the wedding-guest circuit, but not by French girls. A cool alternative to a maxi dress, choose a printed style and wear with statement add-ons, just like Sabina. 

Jeanne Damas
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: Jeanne Damas in a lace cotton top and high-waist trousers



Style Notes: Well-chosen separates also make for a chic alternative to wedding-guest attire. Even crop tops can work, as long as you wear them with a wide-leg, high-waisted trousers like Jeanne. 

Syana Laniyan
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: Syana Laniyan in a blue suit



Style Notes: For something sophisticated, why not try a pastel suit? You can even go sans top like Syana, as long as the neckline doesn't prove too plunging. A silk camisole underneath, however, will work just as well. 

Anne-Laure Mais
French Girl Wedding Guest Outfits: AnneLaure in a black dress and bright shoes



Style Notes: While many of us Brits will avoid wearing black to weddings, French girls see no problem in wearing the hue to nuptials. Anne-Laure gives her off-the-shoulder style a playful spin with multicoloured sandals and an effortless half-up, half-down hairdo.

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has since been updated. 

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