Is There Such a Thing as a French Wedding Dress?

Much like with everything else in the world of French fashion, this country's wedding dresses are achingly chic. There is a range of incredible bridal designers in France making the most beautiful, unfussy gowns that will make you look sophisticated on your big day. But before you delve into the list of these brands, it would probably useful to know a bit more about French bridal style. Hey, if you're going to try to emulate Parisian style, you may as well do it right, non?


Courtesy of Laure De Sagazan

For starters, every French wedding has a civil ceremony first, so having two dress options is totally fine, if not entirely encouraged (yay). When it comes to the more formal frock part, you can be as traditional or as modern as you want. Sure, a gown is always an option, but there are also jumpsuits and two-pieces (think Olivia Palermo's wedding outfit for inspo) to consider. However, the biggest tip of all is to just make sure it's not overly complicated, i.e., that it's simple. Ready to shop the French wedding dresses? Keep scrolling for our guide to best brands.

Delphine Manivet


Courtesy of Delphine Manivet

In classic French styleDelphine Manivet gives brides the option of opting for a simpler but chic style. The designer's gowns are often more on the modest side but with interesting and fashion-forward silhouettes.

Laure de Sagazan


Courtesy of Laure de Sagazan

For the ethereal bride, look no further than the dresses from Laure de Sagazan. While the atelier has only been going since 2011, it has already become immensely popular, with dresses being sold in over 10 countries. Everything is made in France, and the vintage yet modern feel to the frocks is definitely the USP.

Constance Fournier


Courtesy of Constance Fournier

For those brides who really want to create a wow moment, there's Constance Fournier. When you decide to go with this bridal brand, you'll meet with two of the stylists, who will "draw the dress of your dreams." Of course, this comes with a price to match (starting from £3500), but you'll get something that is bespoke and super chic.

Rime Arodaky


Courtesy of Rime Arodaky

Cool-girl brand Rime Arodaky is already stocked in Net-a-porter, such is its popularity. This bridalwear is contemporary, and you'll find long elegant dresses such as this Mara Crepe de Chine Gown (£512) that are incredibly affordable, as well as more traditional wedding dresses that start from £2000.

Elise Hameau


Courtesy of Elise Hameau

Elise Hameau is the ideal brand to shop for a dress if you're a bride who hates weddings. Modern yet with some '60s edge, these dresses are made to be worn by a bride who'd be happier getting married on the beach.

Manon Gontero


Courtesy of Manon Gontero

Sassy wedding dresses can be a bit of a risk. However, Manon Gontero treads the line very carefully. With simple silhouettes, various dresses feature cutout pieces, which only give them an added sophistication rather than any sense of trashiness.

Stephanie Wolff


Courtesy of Stephanie Wolff

Stephanie Wolff is where to go for the bride who has her heart set on a lace dress. With features on the shoulders or a dramatic back, you can guarantee this will be the romantic dress you're after.

Margaux Tardits


Courtesy of Margaux Tardits

Not only is bridal designer Margaux Tardits inspired by classic French fashion houses such as Saint Laurent, but there are also influences taken from the rest of Europe. One of the most recent collections is inspired by Spain, with plenty of lace mixed in with traditional-style gowns.

Suzanne Ermann


Courtesy of Suzanne Ermann

Classic gowns don't come sleeker than these frothy creations from Suzanne Ermann. Featuring plenty of tulle, these are the way to do a proper modern wedding dress while adhering to some traditions.

Lora Folk


Courtesy of Lora Folk

When you get married in France, you have to get married in a civil ceremony first, before you do a religious or any other wedding after. This means one thing above all else (in our opinion): You get the chance to wear another dress. Try a brand like Lora Folk for a short and sweet frock, located in its Civile section.

Donatelle Godart


Courtesy of Donatelle Godart

When you see a designer is inspired by Jane Birkin, you know you've hit the jackpot. Donatelle Godart's creations have been described as both dreamy and flowy, and we couldn't agree more. Just pair with minimal makeup and messy hair for the ultimate French bride look.

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