Is There Such a Thing as a French Wedding Dress?

Much like with everything else in the world of French fashion, this country's wedding dresses are achingly chic. There is a range of incredible bridal designers in France making the most beautiful, unfussy gowns that will make you look sophisticated on your big day. But before you delve into the list of these brands, it would probably useful to know a bit more about French bridal style. Hey, if you're going to try to emulate Parisian style, you may as well do it right, non?



Courtesy of Laure De Sagazan

For starters, every French wedding has a civil ceremony first, so having two dress options is totally fine, if not entirely encouraged (yay). When it comes to the more formal frock part, you can be as traditional or as modern as you want. Sure, a gown is always an option, but there are also jumpsuits and two-pieces (think Olivia Palermo's wedding outfit for inspo) to consider. However, the biggest tip of all is to just make sure it's not overly complicated, i.e., that it's simple. Ready to shop the French wedding dresses? Keep scrolling for our guide to best brands.