The 5 Daring New Trends This Chic Parisian Has Added to Her Wardrobe

Who What Wear readers know that we love everything (really, everything) about French style. Parisian women, in particular, are known for embodying the word "chic." They uniquely and intuitively know what looks good, and they never try too hard getting there. Instead of speculating from afar about what makes a truly Gallic wardrobe, we asked blogger Deborah Reyner Sebag, aka The Daily Deb, to give us some of those coveted style tips. Here, she tells us the autumn/winter 2018 trends that she's adding to her wardrobe.

Traditionally, Parisian style is seen as "trend-resistant." French women are thought to wear classic pieces that would look just as elegant in 50 years' time. Think Breton tees and black cigarette trousers rather than loud slogans and It pieces. However, our resident Parisian Deborah has added some of the season's cult pieces to her wardrobe, and here she reveals the trends she is buying into this year.

1. Oversized Trousers

On Deborah Sebag: Zara tank top; Joseph trousers; Boyy sandals

"'Less is more' is the best advice a French girl can give for you to dress like a Parisian. I always get inspiration from a menswear, and I love wearing oversized pants with a simple tank top or T-shirt. You can add a classic brown leather belt as a final touch," says Sebag.

2. Shell Jewellery

French trends autumn winter: Deborah Sebag


Simon Chetrit @simonzchetrit

On Deborah Sebag: Wald Berlin Necklace; Balenciaga Bag; Nanushka Shirt. 

"Shells have been a real inspiration for many designers. My heart melted for the ones made by Wald Berlin. We were all wearing the same shell necklaces you'd pick up on a beach last summer, but coming back from London Fashion Week, I guarantee you that the trend is still continuing," says Sebag.

3. Cycling Shorts

On Deborah Sebag: Tibi Cycling Shorts; Manu Atelier Bag; Prada Shirt and Shoes.

"In my opinion, the best way to wear cycling shorts is to pair them with a long shirt, with the possibility to add an oversized jacket on top. To make this look chicer, I would advise wearing heels rather than sneakers, which can look too casual and sporty," Sebag says.

4. Colourful Trouser Suits

On Deborah Sebag: Acne Trouser Suit.

"This autumn/winter is all about suits as total looks. As I gather most of my inspiration from the catwalks, I will definitely try wearing my jacket with a matching trouser this autumn. My advice would be to opt for an oversized and colourful one. You also have to pay attention to the fit of the trousers—the length has to be perfect in order for them to sit correctly with your shoes," says Sebag.

5. Havaianas

On Deborah Sebag: Tibi Dress; Havaiana Flip Fops. 

"Mark my words: The brand Havaianas is back on the fashion scene. Wear them with a scarf printed dress, like the one from Tibi I wore to New York Fashion Week," says Sebag.

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