7 Chic Ways French Women Wear a Basic T-Shirt

If you think about it, the pillars of the average French woman's wardrobe are basics. You've got jeans, blazers, ankle boots, cardigans, midi dresses, miniskirts and of course, T-shirts. French women are not sloppy dressers by nature, so you won't see most of them throwing on a baggy T-shirt, leggings and flip-flops and calling it a day. Their T-shirt outfits are simple, but you can tell some thought went into them.

I don't know about you, but pretty much all I want to wear lately are T-shirts, and I'm in need of some fresh inspiration. So I scrolled through Instagram for a good 75 minutes (yep) and found seven T-shirt outfits that I've spotted on repeat on French women. Keep scrolling to shop the easy pieces needed to recreate them for yourself.

Graphic Tee + Pleated Miniskirt + Sneakers

Aside from the fact that pleated skirts are back, in general, this outfit is something fun and different to add into your T-shirt outfit rotation.

Blazer + T-Shirt + Long Shorts + Sporty Sandals

This outfit is filled with so many trends (oversized blazer, long shorts, sporty sandals, chain necklace) yet it still looks so classic.

Ribbed T-Shirt + Wide-Leg Trousers + Trainers

If you need a break from wearing jeans, wide-leg trousers are a great, summer-friendly alternative. Any shoe style will work here, but trainers are great for obvious comfort-related reasons.

White T-Shirt + Denim Cutoffs + Ballet Flats

All of these outfits are great, but this is probably the one I'll wear the most this summer. The shorts are the perfect length, the T-shirt is the perfect amount of slouchy, and the accessories are the perfect amount of elevated.

Graphic Tee + Black Skinny Jeans + Animal-Print Boots

This outfit may not be groundbreaking but French girls love it and it works every time.

Trench Coat + T-Shirt + Loose Jeans + Chunky Boots

This combination of pieces proves that a trench coat need not be boring. When paired with the distressed jeans and cool accessories, it's anything but.

Blazer + Concert Tee + Jeans + Boots

The French love their blazers and jeans. To make it a bit more fun, wear them with a concert tee and statement boots.

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2020 fashion trends to know. 

This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S. 

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