12 Summer Wardrobe Staples French Women Never Forget to Buy

French women: They like what they like. To clarify, they don't dedicate their wardrobes to new trends each season. I've found that particularly applies to their summer wardrobes. Whenever the weather warms up, stylish French women all seem to pull out a set of summer wardrobe staples that will never go out of style and can all be worn together. These supremely versatile items epitomise that effortless French-girl thing we all try our best to re-create. 

Whether in Paris, the South of France or some other warm location in the world, many French women have made this combination of 12 fashion items their summer capsule wardrobe, and you can too. But how? you ask. By scrolling down and seeing the 12 pieces in action and shopping my pick for each, tout suite.

Little White Tops

A little white top is the prettiest thing you can pair with jeans (and literally everything else) in the summer.

Denim Skirts

A denim miniskirt is an ideal alternative when it's just too hot for jeans, and it looks great with the little white tops we discussed earlier.

High-Waisted Bikinis

This swimsuit style looks glamorous enough for the French Riviera. 

Wrap Dresses

While not the only summer dress style French girls favour, wrap dresses of every length are certainly all over Instagram this time of year.


Espadrilles may seem like a bit of a French-girl cliché at this point, but they really do wear them constantly (especially with the aforementioned wrap dresses).

Gold Jewelry

French women layer on minimal gold jewelry pieces year-round, but it's far more noticeable with a skin-baring summer wardrobe.

White Jeans

We agree that it's hard to say goodbye to jeans until fall, but a pair of wide-leg white jeans is a French-girl summer staple that you don't need to put on hiatus.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are another French-girl cliché, but there's a reason for that. There's simply no other flat style that's more delicate, subtler or prettier.

Beige Blazer

When French girls want a little extra polish in the summer, they reach for a beige blazer (for obvious reasons).

Slip Skirts

The beauty of a slip skirt is that you can wear it on vacation or to work, with sneakers or heels, with a T-shirt or a blouse—you get the idea. 

Classic White Sneakers

French girls won't mess with dad sneakers over the summer. They tend to favour classic, timeless white sneakers that look good with everything.

Basket Bags

A little straw bag is the perfect complement to everything else French girls wear in the summer.

Next up, the biggest spring/summer 2019 fashion trends you need to know. 

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