I've Analysed It, and This Is the French-Girl Summer Uniform

Before you read anything, I think you need to know that what we imagine to be French summer style is a bit of a cliché, and you know what? I'm okay with that. There is a lot that I love about French fashion. It's elegant, classic, and a little bit sassy, but it's not known for being experimental. And who says that you need to be completely out there when it comes to your summer wardrobe? (If it ain't broke, and all that.) When it comes to dressing for the warmer months, I always see the same key pieces cropping up on Parisian women. I've analysed the style of several of my favourite French influencers and worked out that there are nine items that are pretty much guaranteed to make an appearance during the warmer months.

From the perfect white T-shirt to a slinky slip dress, there are plenty of items that you probably already own. Nothing here is complicated. While I can't guarantee sunshine every time you wear these items, I can guarantee you might feel a little more French. So go forth, and take a look at the following items to plan your summer wardrobe accordingly!

1. A Summer Dress

french summer style: a summer dress



Style Notes: Yes, this is an obvious one, but a summer dress is essential to nailing your French look. Ideally, this needs to be cut with décolletage in mind but can come in any length and tends to be more on the fitted side. 

2. Cropped Cardigan

french summer style: a cropped cardigan



Style Notes: The cropped cardi is a year-round kind of item for our Gallic friends, but it really comes into its own in the summer. It's your coat replacement when the weather is a little chilly, and it looks great slung over a slip dress or just with blue jeans. 

This one will go with literally any outfit. 

French brand Rouje of course has the best cardis. 

3. Basket Bag

french summer style: basket bag



Style Notes: Whatever happens, French women will never let go of their basket bags. Get one, and use it forever. 

This cult style is a modern classic. 

4. Summer Shoes

french summer style: summer shoes



Style Notes: It wouldn't be right for me to nail down a particular shoe style that French women wear in the summer, but know this: I've seen a few wearing clogs this season. However, I also know that espadrilles and classic black sandals remain ever popular. Take your pick. 

Castañer is the destination for espadrilles, and I love this new-season style. 

These have been popular for a couple of years now. 

5. "Naked" Top

french summer style: the "naked" top



Style Notes: No other nation does subtle sassiness like the French. The "naked" top is a case in point. Whether it's an open-back shirt or a top that laces up at the front, there are myriad ways to wear this kind of look. 

french summer style: a slip dress



Style Notes: This underwear-as-outerwear trend has been going for several years now, and it looks like it won't be slowing down soon. Make like the French and pair it with your cropped cardi. 

You could definitely wear this to a wedding. 

7. Basic Tank

french summer style: a basic tank



Style Notes: The French know the power of a great basic, and a great-fitting vest top is just one item they love. Whether it's beige, black or white, it will work with everything in your wardrobe. 

It comes in so many colours. 

Knit versions will work all year round. 

8. A Perfect White Tee

Style Notes: Another basic, but it will last you so long. Take a tip from Ellie Delphine of Slip Into Style, and wear it with a bold skirt. 

It's worth checking out the men's section, too.

9. A Pair of Classic Sunnies

Style Notes: The pièce de résistance has to be a really great pair of sunglasses. Not too over-the-top or trend-led but still super cool. To be worn at all times. 

Isle of Eden is the new sunglasses brand at Whistles, and it has the coolest shapes. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated. 

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